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Whether you stay dedicated to keeping your home spotless or you never seem to have time for chores, more homes have one thing in common. The typical home’s carpets are full of dirt, debris, and odor, as well as other contaminants and health concerns.

It may sound odd, but carpet flooring is among the top sources of indoor air pollutants, allergens,  and mold and mildew. Even with weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming, as most  experts recommend, you may still find yourself with stains and odors that won’t leave you alone.

What can you do when store-bought cleaners and vacuums aren’t enough for your carpet stains? When all else fails, you need the reliable and affordable residential carpet cleaning.

At Dalux Carpet Cleaning Service & Upholstery in San Jose, we achieve carpet cleaning results that other products and services can’t. When you need to renew your carpets, we provide the best residential carpet cleaning services at affordable prices.

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