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DaLux carpet & upholstery cleaning service offers professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Whether you enjoy spending the day at the beach, at the golf course, or hiking, there’s one thing that all your favorite activities have in common. After an afternoon of enjoying everything San Jose has to offer, you wind up tracking in dirt, debris, and sand when you come home. Unfortunately, we all  have lingering dust, dirt, and debris in our homes, which makes the indoor air musty and full of allergens. If you are living with lingering odors and dirty carpets, you need an expert carpet cleaning service.

At DaLux Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we’re proud to offer professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in San Jose, CA and the Bay Area. Our efficient service allows us to offer competitively priced carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning throughout San Jose, CA. The carpet cleaning industry has changed drastically over the past 30 years. DaLux carpet & upholstery cleaning uses the latest carpet cleaning technology and cleaning solutions to ensure that stains will be thoroughly removed. Let DaLux carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning show you why we are the industry leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning in San Jose. We clean the toughest spots, spills, pet stains, matted carpets and more! Contact the carpet cleaning experts at DaLux carpet & upholstery cleaning in San Jose today for a free carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning estimate!

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Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Whatever  your carpets or rugs need to look and feel their best, we provide the  affordable cleaning solution each time. Whether you have spots, smells, or ground-in dirt, we can freshen them all.

Call today for complete carpet floor cleaning solutions. Whatever spills and messes your flooring has experienced, we can clean them all.

Stop wasting time and money on cheap cleaning products from the grocery store. Instead, you can save more on professional carpet floor cleaning services, including:   

Whatever floor cleaning that you need to keep your  home or office looking its best, we are here for you. Contact us to  hear how we can help you save on complete steam cleaning services.  

At DaLux Carpet Cleaning Service & Upholstery, we’ve provided the best in San Jose Carpet Cleaning for several years now, and we’re waiting to help your carpets as well. Whether you need the best in carpet stain removal or you need to put off replacing your flooring, we are the best choice each time.
Call us today for the best deep clean carpet cleaners in San Jose. Whatever your floor’s exact needs may be, we always have the right solution for any situation. 

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning Service


Our carpets take a regular beating every day. Even if you try and keep up with cleaning each week, you likely have lingering allergens and other contaminants hiding deep within your floors’ fibers. Whether you wear your shoes indoors, have children and pets, or even regularly keep your windows open, you have many things that are living in your carpet fibers. Only steam cleaning extraction guarantees the most eliminated contaminants and stains with a straightforward process. If you think that weekly vacuuming and cheap  steam rentals from the store are enough, you’re only leaving behind  pollen, dander, and dust mites in your carpets. For a superior level  of clean, you need a professional. Call us today for your carpet cleaning needs. We are experts and achieve the level of clean your carpet deserves. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service


Your business requires a clean, friendly  atmosphere to keep employees operating at their best, as well as  creating an inviting atmosphere for customers. When your building is full of old, dirty carpets, however, it makes it difficult to want to remain indoors. If a company smells awful, people won’t want to use them. And it’s hard to keep employees working hard when they’re battling air contaminants and allergies. Instead, we can renew all your carpeted areas in no time, leaving them looking, feeling, and smelling fresh once more. From employee break rooms to high traffic walking areas, we can revive them all. Call now and hire us to keep your office carpets fresh and clean. We can eliminate more odors and stains than anyone else around. Contact us for a free commercial carpet cleaning quote today!

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