How to Clean Leather Sofa Properly at Home?

How to Clean Leather Sofa Properly at Home?

March 14, 2024

Leather sofas add a touch of elegance and comfort to any living space, but maintaining its beauty requires proper care.

Whether dealing with a fresh spill or just giving your beloved sofa a regular clean-up, here’s a brief guide to cleaning your leather sofa at home, ensuring it stays in renewed condition for years.

5 Easy Steps to Clean Leather Sofa Properly at Home

⇒ Take Dust Off

Start by dusting or vacuuming the surface of your sofa. If cushions can be removed from the sofas, remove them to clean the underside and edges thoroughly.

Use a dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe away dust or pet hair, and vacuum all the hidden crumbs. This step is essential as it prevents you from rubbing in the dirt while cleaning.

⇒ Spray Leather Cleaner

First, spray the cleaner onto a clean cloth or paper towel and then gently wipe the leather sofa in a circular motion. Begin at the top and work softly around the leather sofa to clean corners, edges, and crannies.

Leather cleaners may help remove dirt and stains from your leather couch, making it seem new. Some products are two-in-one, including both the cleaning and the conditioner. Either a combination product or a separate cleaning and conditioner will be good.


Before you dive into cleaning, do a spot test on a small, inconspicuous area of your sofa to ensure the solution won’t discolor or damage the leather.

⇒ Gently Apply Leather Conditioner

After ensuring your sofa is clean and dry, gently apply a leather conditioner from a spray bottle or with the help of a soft cloth. Taking circular motions, cover every nook, cranny, and crease of the sofa.

Conditioners are fantastic since they are enriched with beneficial oils that keep your furniture hydrated, smell amazing, and appear brand new. Also, it prevents cracking.

Avoid conditioners with silicone or solvents derived from petroleum if you want a treatment that will penetrate your leather deeply. These substances can benefit you on the surface, but they also shorten the life of your sofa.

⇒ Leave to Drying Conditioner

After conditioning your sofa, leave it to dry naturally. Avoid using heat or direct sunlight to dry the leather, as this can cause it to crack or fade. Your leather sofa will appear brand new after it dries.

Final Thought

Cleaning and maintaining your leather sofa at home is a simple yet important task for preserving its appearance. You can maintain the luxurious and welcoming appearance of your sofa with the right tools and care.

To keep your leather sofa looking its best, follow this cleaning routine every few months or as needed. Additionally, regular dusting and promptly addressing spills will also help maintain the leather’s appearance.

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