How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in San Jose?

December 29, 2023

A professional deep clean is essential for your carpet, as it helps remove deep-seated stains and allergens from your carpet and keeps dirt, dust, and mold at bay.

But before you schedule a professional cleaning, you should know how much it will cost. While the cost of carpet cleaning in San Jose can range from $125 to $350 for whole-house projects, the actual price for your project will vary based on many factors.

In this blog, our experts will examine these factors in detail to help you figure out what price to expect when booking a carpet cleaning service.

Factors in Calculating Carpet Cleaning Cost

1. Carpet Material

Depending on your carpet’s material, pros will charge different prices to clean them. Some materials are easier to clean and maintain, so the cost of cleaning them is lower when compared to ones that require specialized cleaning.

For example, the cost of cleaning Berber carpets is around $ 55-90, as they are easy to clean. Then you have the cut and loop pile carpet types that are a bit difficult to maintain and cost up to $120 for cleaning.

Finally, luxury materials such as wool and cotton are the most difficult to clean, and handling them requires skills and expertise. So their cleaning cost is $100-150.

2. Carpet Size

A common method most carpet cleaning companies use to calculate the cost of carpet cleaning is the size of the carpeted areas to clean. The average price for this is $0-17-0.30 per square foot for residential spaces.

For commercial properties, this price is slightly less ($0.16-0.27), as the carpets there are easier to clean and require surface cleaning. Some companies also charge a flat price based on per room. These can be anywhere between $63 to $78 per room, depending on their size and the total number of rooms they clean.

3. Carpet’s Condition

The level of soiling on your carpet, from accumulated dirt and grime to stains, will also be a factor in deciding the final price. The more dirty your carpet is, the more effort it will require to clean, leading to a higher price.

So, there may be more wear on the carpet in a household with multiple members and pets. Additionally, cleaning older carpets will cost you more due to the risks involved.

4. Cleaning Methods Used

Experts use many carpet cleaning methods depending on your needs and requirements. Here is how much each of these methods will cost you.

  • Hot Water Extraction will cost you anywhere from $100-320, depending on the area’s size and the level of soiling.
  • If you don’t want any moisture on your carpet, you can opt for the dry carpet cleaning method. It will cost you around $80-350.
  • Bonnet cleaning is a popular cleaning method for commercial cleaning properties, as it provides a quick surface-level cleaning. It will only cost you around $25-85 for bonnet cleaning.

5. Additional Costs and Considerations

Apart from regular carpet cleaning, experts also offer other services at some additional charge. These include.

Stain and Odor Removal

While experts will address stains in their regular cleaning, if you want to get rid of specific stains on your carpet, it will cost you around $25-35 per stain. If these are pet odors, then it will cost you anywhere between $20-$40 per hour.

Moving Furniture

Experts may help you move around small furniture, but if you want them to relocate large furniture, it might add a few dollars to the final cleaning cost.

Stain Protector

Professionals will also apply a stain protector on your carpet if you request them to. The cost will be $5-30 based on the areas you want to cover and the type of protector you choose.

Carpet Stairs

Some homes also have carpeted stairs. Many cleaning companies cover it under their regular cleaning, but some may charge you an extra $4-5 per stair to clean your carpeted staircase.

At Dalux Carpet Cleaning, we charge our customers affordable rates based on their unique requirements. With us, you get spotlessly clean carpets at a price that fits your budget.

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