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We all have more stuff than we do places to put it, leaving the typical  household with mounds of clutter. Maybe some of it has sentimental  value, or perhaps you keep telling yourself that you’ll use it again soon.

From the treadmill in your bedroom that now hangs clothes on its handlebars to old baby items you haven’t needed in decades, you likely don’t know what you would do if you did decide to dispose of them. And while you could take an entire weekend to clean out your house, you know you won’t part with as many things as you need to.

DaLux junk removal and hauling offers convenient and affordable junk removal and hauling services in San Jose that help you stay ahead of junk that is only taking up space. Before you start purchasing gimmick organizer  products and spend the day rearranging your stuff, we offer the better junk removal solution.

Why continue cramming everything into closets  that you can no longer use when we can take it away once and for all?  Stop living with too much junk and choose the trusted choice in San Jose, DaLux junk removal and hauling services. 

Please note, we do not haul junk vehicles.

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Most people need to dispose of items that their regular waste pickup service can’t take. Whether it’s old appliances that no longer work or paints, automotive fluids, and other toxic liquids, it’s hard to throw away what they won’t allow you to do. No matter how large or many items you need us to take, we make it simple to dispose of anything and everything you have. No one else keeps your home clear from clutter as our team does daily. Just tell us what items must go, and we’ll have it loaded onto our truck fast. We make it easy to no longer have to look at your old, worn out sofas, tables, appliance, etc.

For the best rates on junk removal in San Jose, give us a call. We offer competitive prices on junk hauling in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Call today!

San Jose Junk Removal


 Did you throw a party while your parents were out of town, and they  come back tomorrow? Did the neighborhood raccoons get back into your trash? When your municipal garbage pickup service doesn’t stop by for several more days, it may seem as you’re stuck with trash strewn this way and that. Whether you have it bagged up or just piled together, we act as your personal, professional garbage hauling service. Whether you’re  planning a huge Spring Cleaning for your home or you found an unwelcome surprise, we make it simple to get your place back in order quickly. No one makes your garbage disappear faster than us. Why  wait for trash day to get rid of your mounds of smelly trash and after-party cleanups when we are here for you every day? Call us for your trash removal needs today!

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We always get rid of junk in the most environmentally friendly and ethical way possible. We dispose of more items safely every day over any other junk removal service around. 

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No one does junk removal better than DaLux! Our junk removal team is standing by to help you clean out the junk and clutter. Call us today for a free junk removal quote!

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